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        Dual USB Car Charger

        The Dual USB Car Charger allows you to charge two USB devices at the same time in your cigarette lighter, so it can be used in the car, truck, camper or boat. Small, lightweight and compact this product is great for use all over the world and ensures you will never be without power again when travelling.

        Simply plug the charger in to the cigarette lighter and then plug your USB devices in to the charger using your charging or syncing cables (not included). The charger can be used to power all of your USB devices including smartphone, tablet, MP3 and GPS - and remember with the dual ports you can charger two products at the same time.

        With the universal input you can use this charger all over the world, so it is a great product to have when travelling. It is also small, compact and lightweight, making it the perfect choice for your charging needs wherever you are.

        This product allows you to keep all of your USB devices charged simply and efficiently. Never be without power again in any of your USB devices.

        This is a high quality product; designed in Switzerland by SKROSS®, it boasts unrivalled safety and quality standards that is seen across the entire SKROSS® product range. This is what makes the significant difference between Skross and its competitors.

        Device suitability

        This USB Car Charger is suitable for all USB devices such as:

        SKROSS® DeviceGPSMp3SmartphoneTabletGame Console


        • Dual USB charger for car, camper, truck and boat
        • Easy charging at the cigarette lighter
        • Input: 10 – 24 V DC
        • Output voltage: 5 V DC
        • Output current: max. 3.4 A
        • Output 1: 1 A
          Output 2: 2.4 A
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        Dual USB Car Charger
        SKROSS Dual USB Car Charger
        SKROSS Dual USB Car Charger
        SKROSS Dual USB Car Charger
        SKROSS Dual USB Car Charger
        SKROSS Dual USB Car Charger