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        Euro USB Charger

        The Euro USB Charger from SKROSS® allows you to charge two USB devices at the same time in all countries with Euro plug standard. Simply plug your USB devices, such as iPhone, iPad or game console, in to the USB charger and plug the charger in to the mains socket in Europe.

        The dual USB port in combination with the high charge current of 2400mA enables two USB devices to be charged simultaneously. This makes the Euro USB Charger great for charging your USB devices in Europe and with its 2-pole Euro plug - as well as in more than 120 countries around the world.

        SKROSS® Euro USB Charger

        High-quality, powerful - the Euro USB Charger exemplifies Swiss standards with regard to workmanship and safety just as much as its performance and its small, lightweight and compact design. 

        Device Suitability

        This Euro USB Charger charger is suitable for all USB devices such as:

        SKROSS® DeviceGPSMp3SmartphoneTabletGame Console

        • Ideal for iPad, iPhone and all other USB devices
        • Suitable in all countries with Euro plug standard and modularly compatible with all SKROSS® Adapters worldwide
        • 2 USB ports for simultaneous powerful charging
        • Input range: 100 – 250V
        • USB Output: 5V / 2100mA
        • Colour: white
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        Euro USB Charger
        SKROSS Euro USB Charger
        SKROSS Euro USB Charger