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        FOX 6 USB Charger

        Part: EDV1897843

        The FOX 6 Watt USB Charger from FRIWO is a worldwide USB power supply which includes FRIWOs exchangeable mains plug system: EURO, UK, USA / Japan, Australia, IEC.

        Because this unit is designed and manufactured by FRIWO, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of low voltage medical power supplies, you can be certain of it’s quality and reliability, with an MTBF of over 200,000 hours quoted by the manufacturer.

        USB Power Applications

        Possible applications for this USB Charger include:

        • Bluetooth devices
        • Digital cameras
        • Wireless communication accessories
        • PDA
        • Household applications
        • MP3 Player
        • E-Book

        Conforms to DoE 2016

        • 5V
        • 1400mA
        • DOE 2016 Ready
        • High efficiency
        • Low standby power ≤ 0.1 Watts
        • IP42 approved exchangeable plug system as additional accessories
        • Double Safety: snapped & welded
        • Can be supplied with a wide range of DC Connectors
        • Universal input 100 to 240 V AC
        • Constant voltage, current limited
        • Exchangeable primary adapters
        • Low standby power ≤0.1 Watts
        • Low leakage current ≤10µA
        • Continuously short circuit proof
        • Low weight
        • Compact design


        Datasheet - Download a full specification PDF for this product:

        FOX 6 USB Charger Datasheet

        Trade Enquiries

        USB Power Supplies is a website of Haredata Electronics - for all Trade Enquiries please contact the team:

        Trade Enquiries

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        FOX 6 USB Charger
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