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        GPP Medical USB Power Supply

        The GPP Medical USB Charger from FRIWO is a worldwide USB power supply which combines the convenience of a universal USB charger with the demanding technical requirements of medical approval.

        Fulfilling the standards for IEC60601 for MOPP and MOOP, FRIWO’s GPP USB medical is a unique solution to the challenge presented by the requirement for portability of modern medical equipment.

        Because this unit is designed and manufactured by FRIWO, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of low voltage medical power supplies, you can be certain of it’s quality and reliability, with an MTBF of over 200,000 hours quoted by the manufacturer.

        The GPP USB medical is used on devices such as:

        • Blood pressure meters
        • Inhalation devices
        • Infusion pumps
        • Dental applications
        • Medical Illumination
        • Patient Monitoring
        • Single USB port
        • Available with separate input plugs for UK, Europe, Australia and USA/Japan
        • Input range: 100 – 250V
        • Output current: 5V / 1500mA
        • Colour: Black

        N.B. Users of third party medical equipment must check with their equipment manufacturer as to the suitability of any companion product prior to use.


        Datasheet - Download a full specification PDF for this product:

        GPP Medical USB Power Supply Datasheet

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        GPP Medical USB Power Supply