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        PP UK USB Charger

        The PP UK USB Charger from FRIWO is our dedicated stand-alone USB power supply for use in the UK; a highly portable alternative to standard mains chargers, particularly if weight is a premium, as it weighs only 34g. This USB Charger is ideal for e-readers such as Kindle and Kobo, as well as iPhone and all other USB devices – including e-cigarettes.

        The PP UK USB Charger is an extremely reliable unit, manufactured by FRIWO, one of the leading manufacturers in the world of low voltage power supplies, who quote an expected lifetime of 200,000 hours for this USB Power Supply.

        This UK USB Charger is designed for use in the UK and as with all our units it carries independent safety approval from internationally recognised independent test bodies.

        Device Suitability

        The FRIWO PP UK USB Charger is suitable for all USB devices such as:

        GPSMp3SmartphoneGame ConsoleTablet

        • Suitable for e-readers like Kindle and Kobo, iPhone and e-cigarettes
        • Single USB port
        • Input range: 100 – 250V
        • Output current: 5V / 700mA
        • Colour: Black


        Datasheet - Download a full specification PDF for this product:

        PP UK USB Charger Datasheet

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        PP UK USB Charger